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Project Objectives

Volcanic hazards present a particularly acute threat to Europe. There are at least 60 active volcanic systems in Europe (e.g. Vesuvius and Etna in Italy , Bárdarbunga in Iceland , Santorini in Greece etc. ), and numerous others in member states’ overseas territories (e.g. Guadeloupe, Martinique, Réunion, Montserrat and the Macaronesian islands). Due to international supply chains and increased globalisation, Europe is vulnerable to eruptions outside its territories. Predicting, preparing for and recovering from volcanic disasters and disruption is a pressing concern. The European volcanology research community plays a key role in the security of Europe, mitigating volcanic risk and providing key scientific information and interpretation during eruption crises.

Specific Objectives:

  • Foster development of new integrated, multidisciplinary volcanological observing systems (ground,

airborne and space-based) by exploiting synergies among all the relevant stakeholders including scientific, industrial and decision makers.

  • Harmonize, optimize and enhance access to volcanological data, products and services, both virtual and

trans-national, from key European research infrastructures to strengthen the European volcanological research area.

  • Boost knowledge, enhance data quality and standards, and harmonise data collection to meet new

challenges in modelling volcanic processes crucial to both the understanding of volcanic systems and the improvement of hazards assessment.

  • Define new strategies for best practices and harmonization in communication between scientists and

society, including authorities, civil protection agencies, general public and the media, to increase societal preparedness, awareness and resilience capacity.

  • Promote a new and sustainable pan-European volcanological culture of cooperation, based on capacity

building and sharing of data, resources and best practices incorporating lessons learned from previous volcanic crises and planning for the future...