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EUROVOLC is a complex multidisciplinary European I3 project involving a consortium of 18 partners. To draw out the main focus areas of the project, its execution is organised into 4 Themes, which cut through the whole project structure and connect the different Activities. The first Theme in particular, Community Building facilitates the interaction between the Activities. The project is further subdivided into 25 Work Packages (WP), of which some include more than one Activity and one WP is devoted to management. To facilitate the project management, Activities with common aims are grouped into one WP, such that 12 Networking Activities (NA) are organized into 7 WPs, 6 Joint Research Activities (JRA) into 5 WPs, 7 Trans-national Access Activities (TA) into 7 WPs and 9 Virtual Access Activities (VA) into 8 WPs. Each of the NAs is organized within a Theme, as are the JRAs, except for 1 Activity which cuts across two Themes. All the TAs and 3 VAs cut across three Themes, while 6 VAs are monothematic. The proposed project organization and management structure are demonstrated in the figure below: